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Tech Solutions for Seniors Receiving Alzheimers Care in Palo Alto

Smartphones are a ubiquitous part of today’s world. If you don’t have a smartphone, you definitely miss out on many benefits offered by the portable “computer” device, such as GPS map assistance, camera technologies and the wealth of apps and communication possibilities. You may not immediately think of your aging parent when you think of a smartphone, but if your Palo Alto senior is receiving Alzheimers care, technology could just help him or her more than you realize.

Twenty-first century Alzheimers care in Palo Alto

Tech Solutions for Seniors Receiving Alzheimers Care in Palo Alto

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Why not? It’s a question you should ask when you’re considering options for ensuring the safety and good health of your loved one. Technology is readily available now, and using it to monitor your senior’s well-being can provide much-needed peace of mind. Caregivers can leverage it to make their work more effective as well.

Palo Alto seniors receiving Alzheimers care could benefit from using wristband or other wearable smart devices that use GPS tracking to ping his or her whereabouts at all times to a caregiver and/or other concerned people. Tech solutions are also available for helping with monitoring a senior’s vitals and even for sensing if medications have or haven’t been taken etc. If your senior has trouble getting up and moving around, you could install a device that allows him or her to see people at the front door through a video feed. Of course, a professional caregiver is the most comprehensive and personal solution, so feel free to talk to someone in the NuevaCare team if your Palo Alto senior needs Alzheimers care or other home care assistance.

Your senior might feel like he or she is living in the Jetsons’ home, but it’s worth a little hassle if family and your loved one’s caregiver are equipped with the tools to provide better care. Even if your parent is receiving Alzheimers care and doesn’t remember how to work the device, you should still consider utilizing technology as part of an overall care plan. A NuevaCare caregiver will be able to check on your Palo Alto senior and charge up devices if necessary or provide some companionship, meal preparation or transportation assistance if needed. However, with all that being said, technology is very important, but it won’t ever replace a hug, smile or the personal touch that a caregiver offers.

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Tech Solutions for Seniors Receiving Alzheimers Care in Palo Alto
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