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Shopping and Meal Prep

Food is of course central to health and happiness. Here in Palo Alto, we live in a “food centric” culture, with people paying a lot of attention to nutrition – and, on the shopping front, visiting many of the wonderful Palo Alto farmer’s markets in Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Atherton to plan healthy meals ahead. Without proper nutrition, seniors can’t live well.

As we age, it’s not uncommon for us to lose interest in food. Part of that can be thanks to living alone – meal times can be lonely. Another common issue is that a reduced sense of taste or smell might cause food to be less appetizing, and of course medications can have serious ramifications for appetite. For those with mobility limitations or mental impairments, grocery shopping can become a huge obstacle to meal preparation and good nutrition.

Some Palo Alto seniors who do eat well may not absorb the nutrients as effectively due to medical conditions or medication interactions. At the same time, nutritional needs change with age as consumption of various vitamins and minerals become increasingly important. What this all means is that seniors have very specific needs that must be met in order to keep them as healthy as possible with regards to food as they age.

Menu Planning

Eating well means planning well. Our homecare providers can help your aging loved one to effectively plan for grocery shopping in accordance with the dietary guidelines set out by their healthcare provider. As part of ongoing healthcare, seniors are often assigned to low sodium, low sugar, low fat, or other specific diets by their doctors. Planning for these meals can be tricky, but we can help. Palo Alto Senior

Our in home care providers can also help your loved one to make the most of their budget, clipping coupons and looking for the best deals. In addition, we can monitor the food supply in the home, getting rid of food that’s out of date and going shopping to replace it.

Feeding Assistance

Weight loss is a serious concern for seniors, affecting more than twenty-five percent of individuals over the age of sixty-five. It doesn’t have to derive from physical source, often seniors aren’t eating because they need help in preparing food that’s palatable and accessible. NuevaCare’s caregivers can help your loved one with feeding assistance, a proven way to improve nutrition when it’s used either between meals or during meals. We can also assist with monitoring and improving fluid consumption, an important aspect of maintaining a healthy weight.

Meal Preparation

More than fifty percent of seniors who live at home struggle with nutrition, falling into the undernourished or malnourished category. Home care services and the meal preparation and shopping services that we provide, are a proven way to stave off poor eating habits. NuevaCare’s dedicated home caregivers are here to help your loved one cook complete, healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We’ll ensure that portions are what they should be and that fluid intake is where it needs to be. From meal planning to grocery shopping to cooking meals to clean up in the kitchen, our services cover every aspect of the process, ensuring that your loved one gets the nutritional support they need.

Contact NuevaCare today for more information about how we can help Bay Area and Palo Alto families get seniors on the path too great nutrition – right at home.

Palo Alto Factoid

Palo Alto University has served its students, faculty, staff and community for almost 40 years as a psychology-focused education institution. Learn more about the growth and evolution of PAU: 1975 – Pacific Graduate School of Psychology (PGSP) founded in Palo Alto by prospective students and faculty who wanted to develop their professional knowledge of clinical psychology; Robert Kantor is its first President. 1984 – Dr. Allen Calvin joined PGSP as President.

Source: https://www.paloaltou.edu/about/history

Updated: 5/23/2017


Shopping and Meal Prep
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