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Personal Care and Hygiene

The daily tasks of life are those that we most take for granted. Bathing, dressing, and eating seem simple for those of us who it comes for simply, but for those who are elderly or disabled, these simple yet necessary tasks can be overwhelming or impossible.

NuevaCare provides in home personal care services that are of the highest quality and that will help your loved one to feel comfortable and at ease. We’ll develop a customized care plan that will ensure that your loved one’s needs are met.

Personal Hygiene

Your loved one deserves to feel clean and refreshed, ready to meet the day with as much confidence as possible. Whether age, disability, or illness have limited your loved one’s ability to experience the cleanliness and health that they deserve, you can help by adding the assistance of a professional in home caregiver to get your loved one the support that they need.

Our highly trained and conscientious caregivers can help your loved one with either minimal or full assistance in toileting and incontinence. With a high sensitivity to privacy and respect, an in home caregiver can help to keep your loved one clean and dry for the betterment of their health.

When it comes to bathing and showering, we can assist your loved one should it be difficult or unsafe for them to complete these tasks on their own. Bathtubs and showers can be dangerous places due to the slippery nature of the surfaces. We can help to transfer your loved one to and from the shower or bath to maximize safety and prevent falls.

Dental hygiene is another critical part of personal care, and we can assist with proper teeth brushing and care of dentures, preventing further issues down the road and keeping the oral health as high as possible.

Dressing and Grooming

In order to give your loved one the best possible quality of life, we can offer services to assist with dressing and grooming. If your loved one struggles to get dressed or undressed, to get in or out of bed, or to attend to their hair and grooming, a home caregiver can offer tremendous assistance.

Ensuring that your loved one feels and looks their best is an important part of what we do. Our caregivers work hard to help our clients maintain their dignity while feeling comfortable and supported.

For families in the Bay Area and Palo Alto who are concerned about the personal hygiene of an aging or disabled loved one, NuevaCare is here to help.

Palo Alto Factoid

Founding Palo Alto’s Humane Movement In the early 1900s residents of Palo Alto organized to stop the police practice of shooting stray dogs.In 1902 these concerned citizens formed the Palo Alto Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, declaring it “a preface to a great work.” Their efforts reflected the sentiment of Henry Bergh, founder of the American humane movement, some years before: “The blood-red hand of cruelty shall no longer torture dumb beasts with impunity.” Photo notes read: “Sick horse down & man beating it with chain to make it get up. The story of a rented horse & no one cared. Very old, note grey face.Humane officer destroyed the poor animal and brought relief.” Source: http://www.paloaltohumane.org/about/history.html

Updated: 5/23/2017

Personal Care and Hygiene
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