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Palo Alto seniors and Alzheimers care during the holidays

Aww, thanks…you remembered me! Nothing quite says “I love you” like getting a gift from that special someone at Christmas. Yes, the holidays are a fun time of year, but it can be quite hectic and overwhelming with all the presents to buy and people to remember. And, for Palo Alto seniors with Alzheimers care needs, gift-giving can be even more difficult.

Caregiver help for Palo Alto seniors receiving Alzheimers care

Palo Alto seniors and Alzheimers care during the holidays

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First of all, your senior should be reassured that gifts from him or her certainly aren’t necessary (after all, your aging parent gave many years of life to care for you!). However, if he or she really wants to give a little something to the children or grandchildren, a NuevaCare caregiver can help make it easier for your Palo Alto senior to get gifts for others. Caregivers can also coordinate with other family members to aid your senior receiving Alzheimers care in remembering who all the grandkids are so that no one gets forgotten. Nobody wants a child throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get a gift!

An Alzheimers care provider can help in procuring gifts by assisting your senior with transportation to and from the store. Crazy holiday shoppers aren’t fun to deal with, but a caregiver can make it much easier by dropping your Palo Alto senior off at the door and then parking and helping your senior through the store to make the purchases. Or, if that’s physically too much for your loved one to handle, a caregiver can even run errands for your senior.

Another tempting option for tech-savvy seniors is online shopping. This is easier, especially for Palo Alto seniors with limited mobility, because the gifts will come straight to your senior’s home. However, technology and using the internet can be intimidating for seniors receiving Alzheimers care, so don’t pressure your aging parent to purchase items online. Additionally, the risk for credit card scam is always a possibility. Be careful with this…it’s better for your senior to give homemade cookies (made by a caregiver!) than to risk online theft.

Palo Alto seniors and Alzheimers care during the holidays
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