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Organization tips for Palo Alto seniors receiving dementia care

When you don’t know where things are in the home, it’s easy to get frustrated or to forget what you have. Most Palo Alto adults can understand what it’s like to lose car keys or something essential and then frantically turn the house upside-down looking for it. For seniors with memory issues and / or receiving dementia care, the struggle is real.

Making life easier: Helping Palo Alto seniors with dementia care needs stay organized

Organization tips for Palo Alto seniors receiving dementia care

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There are ways that you and your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver, though, can help make life less chaotic and more peaceful for seniors receiving dementia care. Some possible ideas include:

  • Take a day, week or even a couple months to purge items at your Palo Alto senior’s home. Yes, that sounds like a lot of time, but it will take awhile for everything to be sorted and for important decisions to be made about what should be done with each item. You may want to consider hiring a Professional Organizer to help. Or, your senior’s dementia care provider may be able to provide some assistance or support. Organization can be a way for your senior and his or her NuevaCare caregiver to process together special memories from the past. This is also a good time for seniors to determine which items should go to certain family members and which ones can go to a charity organization or second-hand store.
  • When organizing, make sure that you label, label, label everything. All storage tubs and even kitchen drawers and shelves should be labeled to make cleaning up or finding something a snap. This is especially important for seniors with dementia care needs, as they will benefit from a visual prompt as to what goes where. You and your senior’s Palo Alto caregiver might even want to print out a photograph of what is inside a storage tub and affix it to the front so that identification can be even quicker.
  • Group similar items together. It seems like a no-brainer, but you and your senior will find things much faster if like items are stored in the same area.

Organization truly can improve the way of life for your Palo Alto senior. If your senior is receiving dementia care, organizing his or her home can go a long way in staving off any potential hoarding and in working towards greater peace of mind.

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Organization tips for Palo Alto seniors receiving dementia care
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