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Meet Monica; Our Caregiver of the Month

IMG_0070Monica joined our team of exceptional caregivers about a year ago. Just like hiring our other caregivers, we went through many interviews to finally find her as a good match for our client. Finding great caregivers is kind of like mining for gold. It takes time and hard work. But at the end of the day when you find the nugget it makes it all worth while!

The best way to describe Monica is to hear it from a client whom she has been providing care for.

“Monica is an exceptional caregiver. She assists with the care of my 95-year-old grandmother. She has been with us for just short of a year.

Monica has been able to take on the position of caregiver to my grandmother with little direction. She has been able to see where she is needed and apply her efforts accordingly. She helps my grandmother to rise from sleep and get a new day started Monday through Friday. She helps my grandmother dress, makes the bed, and does the shopping for food and prepares all the meals for the day and she also looks after the laundry. She is dependable, always there when scheduled and on time.

In addition to the daily tasks Monica completes, she always shows a willingness to help in a multitude of ways. She has proven to be very patient, and always cheerful. Above all else she has become a companion to my grandmother and a trusting friend. Her help with my grandmother and our family is immeasurable and we are forever grateful to have her.

Thank you,


We are also very grateful to have her on our team and we look forward to continue working with her to take care of our clients who entirely depend on our care.

Meet Monica; Our Caregiver of the Month
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