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Meal Planning is key to proper Diabetes Care for Palo Alto seniors

The tinkling music of the ice cream truck in summer is truly a wonderful sound.  Even from an early age, we are trained to believe that sugar and junk food are a good thing…a necessary part of life.  But a lifestyle of unhealthy eating can lead to diabetes.  NuevaCare’s team of caregivers offering diabetes care for Palo Alto seniors can help you and your aging parent deal with the realities of proper daily nutrition.

Being diagnosed with diabetes doesn’t mean that your Palo Alto senior can’t enjoy eating.  It doesn’t mean that he or she can never eat sugar.  It simply means that careful choices and planning must be made when buying for and preparing meals.  And diabetes care from NuevaCare can take the pressure and stress off of this constant challenge.

Diabetes Care: Choosing the right foods for your senior

Diabetes Care Meal Tips for Palo Alto Seniors

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Eating a healthy, diabetes-friendly meal would actually be good for most Americans!  Avoiding fried foods and things like partially hydrogenated oil will help, as well as limiting your Palo Alto senior’s intake of carbohydrates.  Sugar, of course, needs to be reduced, including sugars in soft drinks and other pre-processed meals like TV dinners, canned soups, packaged oatmeal / cereal and even fruit that’s been preserved in a sugary syrup.  

Healthy food options for diabetes care include nuts, avocados and lots and lots of fresh veggies and fruit.  Leafy greens are especially good, while potatoes (chips, fries, mashed etc) have lots of carbohydrates and should be used in moderation.  One trick used across the internet is to replace mashed potatoes with mashed cauliflower.  

Another trick for avoiding junk food is to have healthy snack foods and drink ready and waiting when hunger strikes. Bottled water, herbal teas, chopped veggies and packages of unsalted nut mixes can help. In summer, buy a bag of red or green grapes, take them off the stems and stick some in the freezer. It’s a treat that’s both refreshing and healthy!

Use herbs to impact and improve flavor instead of salt and sugar. As your senior ages, his or her tastebuds may suffer from a loss of sensitivity and he or she may want to compensate by adding unhealthy amounts of salt/sugar. Proper diabetes care can help your senior with ensuring that food has just enough and not too much. And he or she can benefit from homemade meals!

Meal planning truly is the key to a proper and nutritious diet.  NuevaCare’s caregivers are glad to assist in working with your diabetic senior to create a meal plan tailored to his or her needs.  If you’re needing someone to shop for the groceries or make sure the food is cooked and on the table, we can do that as well.  Your senior shouldn’t dread mealtime…it should be something to look forward to each day!

Meal Planning is key to proper Diabetes Care for Palo Alto seniors
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