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Kubi Remote Care Management

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Michelle and Tracey making a virtual visit from company’s San Mateo, CA office with a NuevaCare caregiver and client in Palo Alto, CA using Kubi remote care management.

Technology is constantly giving us new tools to help us manage life more effectively. Kubi Remote Care Manager is the next phase in allowing access to take care of elderly or disabled individuals while allowing them to stay in their homes.

With Kubi in your loved one’s home, you or a care manager will be able to log in to their home to instantly check in with your loved one and with caregivers, ensuring the highest quality of service. Kubi allows for control of your point of view by panning and tilting a remote tablet. These virtual visits offer savings in time and cost – and improvements in care.

Developed by Revolve Robotics, a leading innovator in telepresence robotics, Kubi was piloted in early 2016 in partnership with Aging2.0 and NuevaCare in the San Francisco Bay Area. NuevaCare has been helping families for many years, and we’re proud to be able to bring this next generation of care to our clients.

NuevaCare’s use of Kubi was showcased at the 18th Annual Updates on Dementia Conference: Translating Research into Practice event in May of 2016, where the benefits specifically for families with members with dementia were highlighted.

Kubi Remote Care management allows care managers and family members to:

  • View facial expressions
  • View surroundings in real time
  • Monitor in home care
  • Answer medication questions
  • Check meals
  • Observe conditions
  • Connect with patients
  • Provide social and emotional support

This is the kind of incredibly important care that is so critical for the maintenance of good care for those who need it.

Long term support

Kubi helps families who are struggling with distance or time to better manage the care of their loved one without sacrificing the quality of care that’s being administered.

A few benefits of Kubi include:

  • Increased connection with distant family members
  • Increased oversight, supervision and insight into your loved one’s condition
  • Decreased need for care managers to travel to the home, reducing costs

Kubi empowers families and care managers to look around the home of older adults and to ensure that they’re well taken care of. It allows your loved one to age in place longer, continuing to get all of the benefits of staying in their own home. Families who have used this incredible technology universally praise the way that it allows them to feel closer to their loved one and more in control of their care.

To learn more about NuevaCare, simply give us a call at 650-396-3596 or start a conversation using the chat box to the right. A highly trained professional from our office will contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs and to set up an free in home assessment.

Palo Alto Factoid

The set of strategies described in this report come from the numerous experts consulted, from literature reviewed on suicide prevention and from the wealth of knowledge and experience from existing youth supporting agencies, non-profits and individuals in the Palo Alto community. As PSN members continued to meet the group continued to grow as more community members wanted to get involved. Due to the size of the evolving task force a need quickly emerged to have a smaller executive committee and chair to help make decisions and set direction. A Steering Committee was established and consists of the following individuals:guided efforts until the end of 2013. In 2012-2013, PSN had reached a crossroads. The City of Palo Alto allocated $2million in funding from the Stanford University Hospital Development Agreement to fund the collaborative’s work. Source: http://www.psnpaloalto.com/about-us/community-coalition/.

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Kubi Remote Care Management
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