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Can proper home care improve relationships with Palo Alto seniors?

You’ve driven “over the river and through the woods” to see your kids’ Grandma and pull into the drive tired, but happy. After all, its been a little while since you’ve come to Palo Alto to see your Mom and you’re looking forward to a good visit. But as soon as you and your little family walk in the door, your aging parent grabs you by the arm and gives you a giant to do list of all that needs done. Doesn’t sound fun, huh?! Thankfully, if you’ve hired a home care provider like NuevaCare, this problem can be reduced.

Home care: helping Palo Alto seniors enjoy their family

Can proper home care improve relationships with Palo Alto seniors?

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Life carries with it a lot of responsibilities and, if they aren’t taken care of, these responsibilities can build up. Enter stress. If your aging parent has mobility or memory issues, he or she will need some additional help. You (and siblings) may be able to carry some of the load (like paying bills and going to doctor’s appointments in Palo Alto), but all the work will likely grate on your relationship with your Mom or Dad. Even with really good intentions, a relationship that becomes based on one-sided neediness will suffer.

Home care assistance can help to offset life’s responsibilities and potentially improve your relationship with your Mom or Dad. NuevaCare’s professional caregivers can handle meal preparation, transportation, personal grooming, grocery shopping and other duties as needed. Home care aides can also encourage your Palo Alto senior emotionally by offering companionship…your senior can enjoy playing board games, working on a craft project or taking a walk outside with a home care provider. In this way, your senior will feel cared about and won’t feel as “starved” for attention when you and your family arrive. If your senior has any personal grievances, a caregiver will relay these issues to you as needed.

Your parent’s home care aide can help you not only feel better about visiting your loved one, but it can also help you feel less guilty about your aging parent in general. After all, your Palo Alto loved one gave a good part of his or her life to provide for your needs and make sure you had a good upbringing. Naturally, you’ll feel the weight of making sure your Mom is well cared for as she ages and becomes more vulnerable. A NuevaCare professional caregiver can help…call today!

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Can proper home care improve relationships with Palo Alto seniors?
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