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Hillsborough Home Care options

NuevaCare works hard to provide the best home care possible for those in Hillsborough and nearby communities in the San Francisco mid-peninsula area. We help clients with home care options who have loved ones with conditions ranging from mild to severe, from just a few hours several days per week to 24 hours, full time home care. Our caregiver services are perfect for those who have mobility issues, struggle with Alzheimer’s, need cancer care support or are disabled. Read more about Hillsborough home care options in the following paragraphs.Hillsborough In-home care and caregivers

We are a long time provider of home care services right here in Hillsborough, California. NuevaCare knows this area. We know the people, we know the needs of our clients. This page is here to help families learn more about what is available to do in the Hillsborough area, so that families can best take advantage of everything that this wonderful place has to offer for seniors.

  • NuevaCare is here to help families in Hillsborough, California.

Finding the right in home support options can be a challenge, and families often start their search looking for in-home care or home health care. This is generally where they find out about NuevaCare’s services. Though we don’t provide home healthcare, which requires the services of a registered nurse, our consultation process helps families to find the right in-home care that they need. We are here to help families in Hillsborough.

Each family that we serve gets a custom care plan, one that they can lean on and trust throughout the course of their care and that can be altered as needed along the way. We help to identify care options that allow aging seniors to stay independent and in their own home. That ability to stay at home is something that is quite powerful for seniors, affording them a lifestyle that gives them all that they need in terms of both social supports and emotional health.

All of our in-home caregivers are chosen specifically for our clients and are paired based on client needs. Prior to the beginning of the service for our clients, families have the chance to interview each prospective in-home caregiver so that everyone can be assured of the right fit. Each in-home caregiver is specifically selected based on the client’s needs. Before starting service, we invite each family to meet and interview the prospective in-home caregiver to ensure a good fit. All across the San Francisco Bay Area, including right here in Hillsborough, families have discovered that NuevaCare’s services are the best in terms of both affordability and quality.

What can we do for your family? Here are some examples of what we do for Hillsborough families, along with some helpful and enlightening information about the Hillsborough area.

Hillsborough In-home Care Services

  • Assistance with the Activities of Daily Living
  • 24/7 Live-In Care or Hourly Care
  • Personal Care: including bathing, dressing, toileting, etc.
  • Medication Reminders
  • Meal Preparation / Nutrition
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Companionship
  • Cancer care
  • Memory care for patients with Alzheimer’s, dementia or stroke
  • In-home respite services
  • Assistance with errands including doctor’s appointments

Example Activities to Engage in in Hillsborough

Hillsborough is a beautiful city, with so many things to do for seniors and those with disabilities. Out-of-home activities like nearby open air markets, parks, libraries and shopping afford great opportunities for those with limited mobility to explore and enjoy the world around them. For example, an in-home caregiver might assist a senior in an outing to the nearby Hillsdale Mall or to the newly renovated Burlingame Avenue. A young person with a disability might enjoy a day at a venue like the CuriOdyssey Science and Wildlife Center or the an outing to the wheelchair friendly Vista Park in the heart of the city. We advise you check with the Hillsborough Recreation department for goings-on about the town.

No matter where you are in the Bay Area, particularly if you’re in Hillsborough and Burlingame, we can provide you with many excellent home care options for you right where you are. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a consultation on the care options available for your family today. You can call us at 650-396-3596 or use the chat box on the right to connect with an expert immediately.

Historical Facts: Hillsborough, California

The fabled residential enclave founded by California’s most illustrious 19th Century business icons, Hillsborough presents a unique heritage of distinguished living. No other suburban town matches Hillsborough’s direct link with the illustrious, colorful, and affluent history of early San Francisco tracing back to the Gold Rush. The Town’s very existence emerged with prestige as the country estate and sporting destination of early San Francisco’s monumental wealth. Pioneering figures included Comstock Lode and Banking millionaire William Ralston, financier William Sharon, attorney Francis Newlands, and the famous gentry families of William H. Crocker (youngest son of “Big Four” transcontinental railroad builder Charles Crocker) and Harriett Pullman Carolan (daughter of Pullman Rail Car magnate George Mortimer Pullman).

Grand mansions of the early 20th century designed by renowned architects such as Willis Polk, Arthur Brown Jr., Willis Polk, Angus McSweeney, Gardner Dailey, and William Wurster, stand amidst today’s handsome mix of traditional, modern, and new constructions…most properties boasting over half-acre parcels in private country seclusion. No other Town in the Unites States boasts this enviable milieu of understated prestige, security, bucolic environs, and proximity to San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Despite its worldly heritage, Hillsborough continues to thrive on its core foundations as a beautiful place for both sophisticated leisure living and family and educational desirability.


Hillsborough Home Care options
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