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Family Room

“With Family Room access I feel like I am part of the process and I feel so much more confident that NuevaCare is taking care of my mom with full transparency. I think this is a great feature specially for those who live far from their parents.”  Jane C., New York



Being able to monitor and keep track of everything that in-home caregivers are doing for your loved one is important. Open lines of communication between your family, caregivers, and NuevaCare helps to ensure that all of the needs of your loved one are being met.

That’s why NuevaCare encourages usage of Family Room, a secure online portal that allows everyone involved in care to connect with one another. Family members, caregivers, and our agency are all able to work together much more efficiently and smoothly using this innovative technological tool.

About Family Room

Keep in mind that the more information you have, the better able you will be to make decisions about the care of your loved one. That’s why we provide your family with all of the vital information about our in home care in real time and in a way that’s really acceptable.

Family room allows you to have access to:

  • Review daily/weekly/monthly schedules
  • Review tasks in real time
  • View every shift with the caregiver’s profile picture
  • View clock in and clock out times
  • Review invoices
  • Track medication schedules
  • Listen to caregiver voice memos
  • Use a private family calendar to share events

This is the kind of information that you as a family member need in order to have real peace of mind regarding the care of your loved one. You want to be in control of the care of the people that you’re tasked with keeping safe and healthy, and Family Room from NuevaCare is there to help.

Our caregivers work on the detailed care tasks and activities that are a part of your loved one’s care plan each time they arrive at the home. We work with you to prepare specific care plans – and you can login to our Family Room website to check to see that they are followed. Your personal login will allow you to see that each task is completed. If for some reason a task has not been completed, your caregiver will be able to note why not.

How to Access Family Room

Contact the Care Manager assigned to your case and they will provide you with log-in information to access the Family Room. Anywhere that you have access to an internet connection and an online browser, you can access Family Room. That’s great news for family caregivers who find themselves busy and who need quick access, as well as for those who are long distance and who need to be able to check in on their loved one from anywhere.

During the process of getting care started with us, you’ll be provided with login information for Family Room. It’s easy!  

To learn more about NuevaCare, simply give us a call at 650-396-3596 or start a conversation using the chat box to the right. A highly trained professional from our office will contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs and to set up an free in home assessment.

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Family Room
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