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Exercise tips and tricks: Helping Palo Alto seniors receiving disability care to stay healthy

Young people put a high premium on exercise and on staying fit as it enables one to live life more abundantly and enjoy so many adventures. Plus, exercise can take so many forms…biking, running, weightlifting, climbing, swimming and more! But, have you considered the fact that your Palo Alto senior receiving disability care needs exercise too?

Exercise solutions for seniors needing disability care

Seniors are more prone to injury and, thus, exercise is more dangerous for them (especially those with disability care needs). However, with encouragement and proper planning, your senior can get the physical workout that’s just right for his or her needs. Make sure that your Palo Alto senior talks with his or her doctor and a physical therapist for specific guidance as to what types of stretching / workouts to avoid and which ones would be helpful.

Walking – Of course, a walk is always great exercise and a good way to enjoy the outdoors. A NuevaCare caregiver can offer transportation assistance to take your senior to a Palo Alto park for a stretch of the legs. The fresh breeze and sounds of kids playing and birds chirping will improve your loved one’s mood as well as providing much-needed exercise. If it’s too hot outside or uneven outdoor pathways are too much of a hazard, consider dedicating a room in the house for workouts…complete with a treadmill, television etc.

Wheelchair-friendly Exercises – If your senior is wheelchair-bound or is receiving assistance for disability care, walking probably isn’t an option, but other upper body workouts are perfect. Your senior can start lifting weights, buy some resistance bands for building strength or work on some seated crunches and twists. Swimming and water aerobics at a local Palo Alto YMCA or health fitness facility are a good solution for seniors with disability care needs.

Remember, talking to a doctor and physical therapist is very important before starting an exercise routine for your senior. A NuevaCare caregiver can literally “walk beside” your Palo Alto senior and help meet the additional disability care needs he or she has – such as emotional support, healthy meal preparation, grooming assistance etc.

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Exercise tips and tricks: Helping Palo Alto seniors receiving disability care to stay healthy
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