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Palo Alto disability care rocks! Fun activities for seniors to enjoy

Life in Palo Alto is more fun when you have things to look forward to. Whether it’s meeting with a family member for an early morning walk, going for a coffee and bagel at a local spot or simply taking time to read a good book, there’s just something wonderful about looking forward to activities “just because.” For those receiving disability care, life can still be fun and exciting…it just may take a little extra work.

Making life more exciting for Palo Alto seniors needing disability care

Palo Alto disability care rocks!  Fun activities for seniors to enjoy

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Even with limited mobility, there still are plenty of activities that you and the senior you’re providing disability care to can do. Some ideas for Palo Alto caregivers include:

  • Gardening – Does the senior you’re assisting with disability care like to be outside? Help him or her enjoy the outdoors by working together to plant some beautiful flowers in the beds by his or her front door. Or, do a weeding or watering project together on existing flowerbeds. This will be a fun activity and will increase the home’s curb appeal. It’s a win, win! It’s important to make sure that seniors have adequate protection from the elements while outside…a hat, sunscreen, gardening gloves, windbreaker etc. Be careful also to ensure that your senior doesn’t overexert him- or herself or become injured while busy at work.
  • Cooking – Maybe the senior in your care likes to cook! If so, help him or her by making the job easier to complete. NuevaCare Palo Alto caregivers can assist by doing grocery shopping and with light housekeeping duties such as putting dirty dishes into the dishwasher. This can put the fun back into cooking and give seniors with disability care needs and limited mobility the freedom to do something they love.
  • Socialization – One of the big benefits of having disability care assistance is the companionship it can provide. This will give seniors a reason to get excited because they have a visitor who’s coming! Caregivers offer a vital link to the outside world for seniors with increasingly limited access to it.
  • Video Games – Yes, even Palo Alto seniors can enjoy this activity. Get your senior excited about playing games online!

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Palo Alto disability care rocks! Fun activities for seniors to enjoy
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