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Dementia care: Help Palo Alto seniors preserve the past by scrapbooking

Scrapbooking is a fun and relaxing activity. For those needing dementia care, it offers the added benefit of providing ample opportunities for stimulating memories from the past and present. NuevaCare’s Palo Alto dementia care team can assist your senior in taking up this rewarding hobby.

Caregiver support for dementia care in Palo Alto

Dementia care: Help Palo Alto seniors preserve the past by scrapbooking

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As your loved one ages, he or she will likely need assistance in daily tasks such as meal preparation, bathing / grooming and in transportation to and from the doctor’s office etc. But another vital element in encouraging the overall good health of your senior is companionship. And for dementia sufferers, isolation can be particularly frustrating.
Even social situations offer their own set of challenges, as your senior may not remember the names or details of those in attendance. Even though you love your aging parent, you can’t always be there to offer the emotional support he or she needs. Life is just too busy!

Thankfully, NuevaCare’s dementia care aides offer the companionship support your Palo Alto senior longs for…as well as all those other essential daily needs. Scrapbooking is a perfect way to enjoy quality time together and to preserve memories that might be lost without your senior’s link to the past. Your senior’s caregiver will work with your loved one to organize those family photos and document names, dates and details. Most importantly, however, the act of working on the scrapbook(s) will serve as a prompt to encourage memory retention in your senior’s brain. Writing names next to photos and associating themed papers, stickers and misc doodads with holidays or certain life events will help the memories better stick as scrapbooking involves and engages the senses. Your senior’s dementia care caregiver can also use the opportunity provided by scrapbooking to stimulate memories about colors, counting, etc and how to use basic supplies like a glue stick and scissors.

Your Palo Alto senior will create a product that he or she is proud to show off and will want to explain each page in detail, which can help to further cement memories in place!

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Dementia care: Help Palo Alto seniors preserve the past by scrapbooking
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