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Easy clothing solutions for cancer care success in Palo Alto

The clothes you wear make a statement about your personality. They show people if your style is artsy or formal and even if you tend to be detailed or not so much. Yes, your clothes are important. For seniors in Palo Alto with cancer and needing cancer care assistance, clothing can be a sensitive and especially important topic for them.

Special clothes for special people: Helping Palo Alto seniors with cancer care needs

Cancer treatments are difficult emotionally and physically. If your Palo Alto senior is receiving chemotherapy or will need it, you may want to invest in some comfortable clothing for him or her. Below are some tips:

  • Warm clothes are a must – Your senior will be spending time in a hospital or treatment facility that might be cold. In addition, you’ll want to keep your Palo Alto senior warm to help him or her suffer as little as possible from the difficulties of neuropathy.1
  • Easily adjustable – Seniors with cancer care needs will need clothing that can easily allow doctors to access the area(s) of the body that need treatment. Velcro, elastic, buttons, snaps, drawstrings and the like are all good. Weight loss or gain can occur throughout chemo as well, so your senior will greatly appreciate adjustable pants.2
  • Head coverings – It can be a jarring sight to see a loved one without any hair on his or her head. If your Palo Alto senior wants a hat, wig or head covering of any sort, a NuevaCare cancer care team member can help your senior go shopping for an appropriate solution. A caregiver can provide transportation assistance or even companionship during the shopping excursion. Hair loss is a very personal and sensitive topic, so be considerate of the wishes of your senior and don’t pressure him or her to wear a wig or hat just because it makes you feel better. Your ultimate goal should be to encourage your loved one and help him or her process the grief of cancer and hair loss / control.

Regardless of the specifics surrounding your Palo Alto senior’s condition, a NuevaCare cancer care provider can walk beside you and your senior throughout this difficult season of life. You, your loved one with cancer and the entire family will greatly benefit from the comfort and encouragement of a team of caring professionals.

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Easy clothing solutions for cancer care success in Palo Alto
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