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Cancer care outings for Palo Alto seniors: Enjoying the great outdoors

One of the great benefits of living in Palo Alto, California is the wonderful climate. It’s not always perfect weather, but there are many opportunities to enjoy fun in the sun. If your senior is facing the sorrow and struggles of cancer, consider hiring a cancer care aide to help carry the responsibilities. With a cancer care team, your senior can benefit from medication reminders and in home care, but also can have additional support in enjoying activities and life outside the home.

Palo Alto adventures for seniors receiving cancer care

Cancer care outings for Palo Alto seniors: Enjoying the great outdoors

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When dealing with a cancer diagnosis, it’s important to understand the emotional and physical toll that the disease will take on the person with cancer as well as his or her whole family. A Palo Alto caregiver can take your senior on outings to help offset this and help maintain a semblance of normal life.

One of the best places to unwind is in the great outdoors. The bright sunlight, cool breeze and chirping birds are wonderful tonic and help to lift a heavy heart. In addition, if your cancer care senior is able, Palo Alto’s parks are a good place for getting in some exercise. Options include everything from the large Baylands Nature Preserve to the family-friendly Mitchell Park and more.

Walking isn’t the only thing to enjoy outside. If your senior receiving cancer care from NuevaCare has limited mobility, consider bringing a frisbee to throw back and forth. Or, let’s go fly a kite! A kite would especially be fun if your senior has a motorized wheelchair and can really get that kite up high in the sky. A caregiver who assists your senior with meal preparation could also bring a picnic lunch. If nothing else, a blanket spread on the cool grass under the shade of a tree would definitely be a refreshing treat.

Make sure your Palo Alto senior is wearing adequate clothing for being outside…loose fitting, comfortable pants and top that are warm enough to protect him or her from drafts but cool and breathable enough to wick away sweat during the summer months. Sunscreen and bug spray are also important and a hat as well, especially if your senior has gone through chemotherapy.

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Cancer care outings for Palo Alto seniors: Enjoying the great outdoors
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